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About The Student Union

Who we are and what we do

The Student Union Team currently consists of nine officers. Together our Mission is:

"To inform, represent and engage students within the Grimsby Institute Group to enhance the student experience. We seek to assist students, maximise their satisfaction, encourage inclusion and celebrate diversity in a safe, productive, professional and enjoyable environment."
Our key objectives are:
  • To inspire students to fully partake in the university experience, so that they remember their time as fulfilling and valuable.
  • To provide a safe, inclusive community for students to learn and socialise in and to be an integral part of student life.
  • To form an essential link between students, staff, and governors, where members have an influence over the facilities and services provided and play a part in the future of the Grimsby Institute Group.
  • To provide effective support and accurate advice to individuals/groups and to signpost to other useful services
Download a copy of our Student Charter click here